Our Believes
Best practice facilities must have
comprehensive, fully integrated system
and a culture directed at gaining
greater lifetime effectiveness, value,
safety, available, profitability and
return from production and
manufacturing asset  

At Atlangs ESL, we incorporate design,
maintenance, Inspection, operations
and management concept to
achieving  successful asset Integrity
Management ‘AIM’ program both
upstream, Medium-stream and
About Us
As a local energy company with global
presence, Atlangs Energy Services Ltd
(Atlangs ESL)was born out of innovation and
concept. We are one company with dynamic
research capabilities in the energy sector.
Our partnered real-time pipeline-monitoring
device is accepted widely by the industries.
We partner with renowned institutes both in
United Kingdom and Canada in carrying our  
technological development research.   

Atlangs ESL is ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS
18001:2007 accredited for standard and
safety as a division of Atlangs Group. Mindful
of our environment, we have zero accident  
operation in two years, and we intend to
maintain the record.

The opportunities created in Nigerian by the
local content law in the energy sector have
given Atlangs ESL technologies and edge
among others.

Our Capabilities
As established player in the oil and gas
industry, we have the capabilities of
supplying high standard equipment and
chemical to our clients.  Atlangs ESL
provides mission critical inspection services
to our clients, helping them optimize
operations, migrate challenges, and improve
reliability, safety, production and asset
About Us
Atlangs Energy Services Ltd
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Atlangs Energy Services Ltd as a
member of Atlangs Group is ISO
9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007
Certified for Safety and Quality