Asset Integrity Management
Atlangs Energy Services Ltd
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The primary objective of any Asset Integrity Management program is to maintain an asset in a fit-for-
service condition while extending its remaining life in the safest, most reliable and cost-effective manner.

Atlangs Energy Services Ltd provides mission-critical asset integrity management (AIM) expertise and
services to our clients, helping them optimize operations, mitigate challenges, and improve reliability,
safety, production and asset protection.Atlangs provides specialists and engineering support in all
areas of Asset Integrity Management to Include
•        Design Review and Verification
•        Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)
•        Maintenance Strategies
•        Corrosion Services
•        Mechanical Integrity Management
•        Pipeline Integrity Management
•        Software Tools
•        Management Strategies
•        Health, Safety, Environmental
       Strategies  (HSE)           
•        Training, Reviews and Auditing

We have proven track records working on sensitive platform and plants mitigating risk.