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Atlangs ILL

Atlangs Integrated Logistics Ltd is a limited liability company with corporate headquarters in West Africa {Nigeria} and
international offices in the UK and Canada. Atlangs ILL is an independent management consultancy/logistics company, and
we specialize in all aspects of commercial supply chains. Atlangs ILL is  ISO 9001:2008 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified
as a
member of Atlangs Group of companies.

We provide highly valued logistic solutions across all industrial sector. We have experienced team of specialist consultants
with proven track record in local and international consultancy that include but not limited to:

Management Consultancy

Haulage Services

Vessel Support Operation

Equipment Leasing Services

Purchasing/Supply Order Solutions

Logistics Mobilization Planning

At Atlangs ILL, we provide end-to-end logistics services to both medium and large scale companies.
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